Everything is Broken

Seattle, WA October 02, 2019, November 06, 2019, December 04, 2019, January 27, 2020

Tags: Sre, Devops, Meetup, Everything is broken

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Everything is broken, but that’s OK. We are bringing together the reliability community in Seattle to commiserate with, vent about, and help fix the broken things in our life. Whether you are a Site Reliability Engineer, a Production Engineer, a DevOps or Automation Engineer, or just really want to make things better come hang out with us. We are open to (almost) any talks or locations!

CFP Description

We want to hear about broken things. This meetup is equal parts commiserating with others, venting on your / your companies problems, and helping others out with your experiences. While we typically focus on technical topics relating to SRE, Ops, or DevOps we are looking to connect other industries to this as well. Truly everything is broken in some way and understanding and applying lessons from a broad collection of perspectives is the best way to durability and reliability.

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