Faith Leads Tech Conference 2019

White House, TN November 15, 2019

CFP closed at  July 31, 2019 22:07 UTC

Theology + Technology

Faith Leads Tech is a one day, single track conference bringing together followers of Jesus Christ who seek to utilize technology and innovation to provide biblical solutions for life.

Attendees from varying backgrounds - Developers, Designers, Marketers, Product Visionaries, Ministry Tech Leaders - will gain insights and perspectives from technology experts and ministry tech leaders on current innovations at a global, church, university and individual level. Keynotes and talks will explore a wide range of opportunities that currently exist at the intersection of Faith and Technology, as well as what innovations will be needed to provide effective technology for the church of tomorrow.

For Technologists, this gathering will offer encouragement, showing that we as believers are not alone in our faith or efforts and offer support for being a strong believer in today’s technical environment.

For Ministry Tech Leaders, the conference will provide an opportunity to learn of current innovations in ministry tech, share pain points that may be solved through technology, and network with other ministry tech leaders who are seeking to spread the gospel and grow the church with the help of technology.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities for conversation with enterprises/companies, ministries, startups and individuals actively pursuing innovative technologies in ministry.

Outcomes of the event will range from learning of shared struggles and successes, aligning of ministries around common goals, and awareness of innovative uses of technologies for Kingdom impact. Ultimately, it will build community between followers of Jesus Christ interested in furthering His Kingdom through Technology and Innovation.

CFP Description

We want to hear how you or your ministry are innovating with or around technology!

Share with us new ideas and concepts that push the boundaries of technology used across ministries today or how you reimagined existing products, processes, tooling or UX to build for the next generation of ministries.

We’re looking for talks focusing on innovation and technology used throughout Christian Ministry, including but not limited to:

  • Church Engagement
  • Individual Spiritual Growth
  • Church Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) in Ministries
  • Voice Technologies (Alexa, etc)
  • Bible Study tools
  • Sermon Prep
  • Volunteer Management
  • Technology Community and Ministry
  • Agile Methodology in Ministry
  • Lean Startup approach to Ministry
  • Design Sprints in Ministry

Additional Information

Talks will be 15 minutes (TED-style) and will speak to topics such as aspects of product design, product development, marketing, software development and practical use in ministry.

Proposals we seek will include:

A great story! Tell us about the problem you’re solving and how God is working through you to accomplish His work. Be sure to include the ups and the downs; give us your perspective and struggles along the way as you arrived to market.

Technology, Design, Marketing, Product Management — keep all of these at a high level as our goal is to bring folks of varying backgrounds together, so be prepared to speak to each of them.

Ministry Focus - new ideas and concepts that push the boundaries of technology used across Christian ministries today

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