FrenchKit 2019

Paris, France October 07, 2019, October 08, 2019
Tags: Ci, Cocoa, Tooling, Language, Prototyping, Architecture, Framework, Iot, Tvos, Watchos, Ux, Test, Backend, Mobile, Macos, Ios, Objective-c, Swift

CFP closed at  June 21, 2019 23:06 UTC

FrenchKit is the first iOS and macOS developer conference in France.

Most Notable Things that Will Change

  • An awesome new venue.
  • More expert-grade, code-centric and actionable talks!
  • The comeback of classrooms you loved in 2017.
  • More community time and activities.

Two Days

From October 7th through 8th, 2019, be one of the 350 people that will be part of the fourth edition of FrenchKit. Spend two days with some of the best developers from all around the World. Learn, discover, exchange, discuss and have fun! And on Monday night, we will share our love during a grand party.

International Speakers

Meet, discuss, and learn from the most prominent developers involved with Apple technologies. We are gathering some of the best international speakers, people whose work is consistently improving the Cocoa ecosystem. Please note that all talks will be given in English.


After the classic talks, we will wake you up with some practical work. The audience will be able to split in 30-person groups and have the opportunity to work with a coach on a technical subject (e.g. Building your first Swift Server-Side app, Mastering Fastlane, Playing with shaders and audio frameworks…).


You can find more information on the FrenchKit website.

If want to get a glimpse of what FrenchKit is, please go take a look to our previous editions: 2016, 2017 and 2018.

CFP Description


This year, we decided that we would start looking for topics that would match these (totally subjective) criteria:

  • Intermediate to advanced tech topics (except for very new frameworks and APIs, such as recent WWDC announcements).
  • Practical and pragmatic contents, mainly related to code and technical practices (we want to get our hands dirty).
  • Actionable takeaways, bringing elements that can be effectively used on a daily basis.

Also, we strongly prefer technical talks over marketing or evangelist talks.


  • The whole conference will be in English.
  • We plan to organize one or two Skype sessions after the acceptance in order to review the subject and ensure a global coherence between all talks.
  • A dinner will be organized the day before the conference with all the speakers.

Notifying speakers of acceptance

  • All accepted speakers will be notified within 20 days after the closure of the CfP.