Frontrunners JS/Web Dec 8, 2022

Washington DC December 08, 2022
Tags: Javascript, React, Nodejs, Angular, Web development, Css

CFP closed at  October 10, 2022 15:22 UTC

Frontrunners is the Mid-Atlantic’s JavaScript/Web developers conference series, featuring a full day of the best techniques and technologies in front end software development. Our next Frontrunners day will be held Dec 8th, 2022.

We expect 250 developers to attend Frontrunners. So, this is a great opportunity to reach a large and influential audience of DC web developers, and have a great time, too!

Past speakers at our JS/Web conferences have included leaders in the JavaScript and web development communities like Ariya Hidayat, Jenna Zeigen, Domenic Denicola, Rebecca Murphey, Kyle Simpson, Lea Verou, Doug Crockford, Yehuda Katz, Rachel Nabors, Christopher Chedeau, Igor Minar, Kas Perch and James Halliday.

CFP Description

Share your experience! Submit your presentation proposal to the Frontrunners JS/Web conference.

Our scope of talks includes anything in the realm of JavaScript development for the web. Non-programming topics are encouraged, too, provided they are of interest to our attendees. Fun topics are encouraged, so please feel free to be creative. We love fun talks!

Our audience will be members of the software developers community, many software engineers and practicing developers, technical team leads, web development project managers, etc.

We limit our presentations to be 25 minutes long, including time for questions and discussion. If you want a longer or shorter time, please tell us in your submission.

You do NOT have to be an experienced speaker or even an expert to present here. In fact, some of our best speakers have been people who simply had a very interesting experience or perspective to relate.

This is a conference for everyone. Beginner topics are welcomed.

Submit as many proposals as you like. Panels or multiple presenter proposals are fine with us. All of the accepted presenters will receive a free ticket.

We welcome proposals from everyone, and will evaluate each proposal on it own merits, regardless of the speaker. We strive to be encouraging and inclusive of everyone in our community. Therefore, we expect all of our attendees, speakers included, to follow our code of conduct. See our Code of Conduct for the complete description.

Proposals containing overt marketing-based content will be rejected. Our attendees want to be entertained and learn from your presentation. A sales pitch will not get the reaction you want, so please don’t submit one.

We might accept and announce a few talks before that time. We will respond within one weeks of the close.

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can email us at info at nationconfs dot com or tweet (or direct message) to us (@frontrunnersdc). Your presentation is important to us. We want to help you make it fantastic.

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