GDG DevFest Omsk

Omsk, Russia October 23, 2021, October 24, 2021
Tags: Ios, Android, Flutter, React, React native, Node, Ml/cv, Ml/voice, Ml/text, Cloud, Solution architecture, Startups, Enterprise

CFP closed at  September 30, 2021 17:44 UTC

Hello, $username!

We’re organizing our conference with a goal to give impetus to growth of local DEV communities. There will be six tracks, combined with a global keynote and afterparty. Target audience of the conference is developers. Dates are October 23-24, 2021. The event will take place in Omsk, Russia.


  1. Android (native Android development, Kotlin, KMM)
  2. iOS (native iOS development, from Objective-C to Object Capture)
  3. Flutter (cross-platform Mobile/Web/Desktop development)
  4. React & Node (React, React Native, and Node development)
  5. Enterprise (Solution Architecture for Enterprise apps, Highload, Cloud)
  6. Machine Learning (Computer Vision, ML/Voice, ML/Text, Data Science)

Conference is organized as a part of global DevFest Season 2021 and support by Google as a title sponsor.

COVID-19 is prohibited from attending the conference. So organizers will ask you to provide vacitation certificate or negative test.

Organizers are experienced developers as well with huge experience of organizing event and talking at various events around the world.

We will be glad to see speakers from other cities and countires in our city. For our dear guests we will organize tour to learn history of our city (from Fedor Dostoevsky to Egor Letov), visit the most beautiful places of the metropolia, and spend a wonderful time in a company with other speakers.

See you!

CFP Description

We’re looking for speakers who can give very technical talks related to any of the following technologies: iOS/SwiftUI, iOS/RealityKit, iOS/TDD, Android/Compose, Android/TDD, Flutter/Web, Flutter/TDD, Flutter/Interntal, React/Internals, Node/Internals.

Also, we’re looking for speakers who can share engineering/architecture challenges from their own experience with presentation of solution process and explanation of pros & cons for chosen/implemented solution. For example, it could be any challenge related to solution archicture (from building custom ML pipeline to creatively hacking modern technologies to quickly ship MVP version of a product).

Please don’t submit talks related to Product, Design, HR, Marketing, and QA. It will be immediately rejected as it’s not a focus of the event.