GoGoConf 2019 - Golang developers conference

Krakow, PL June 14, 2019

Tags: Go, Golang, Krakow, Poland, Cracow, Architecture

CFP closed at  April 30, 2019 23:04 UTC

GoGoConf is an international Go (Golang) developers conference that will take place for the 2nd time, in Krakow, Poland. This is a great opportunity to meet other Go enthusiasts, have a chat with top class speakers, network, and party together.

When: Friday, June 14, 2019

Where: Hevre club, Beera Meiselsa 18, Krakow, Poland

Number of participants: ca. 150

What to expect: -> a day full of Golang knowledge sharing & networking (6-7 presentations) -> welcome pack with awesome GoGoConf & conference partners’ gadgets -> coffee & lunch breaks -> epic afterparty

GoGoConf is organised by Miquido & Scaleworks.

CFP Description

GoGoConf is dedicated to Golang developers and architects.

Talks that we are eager to hear are focused on:

-> use cases -> architecture -> performance & scalability -> tips’n’tricks -> best practices

Rules you should stick to:

-> talks of ca. 45 minutes long (incl. Q&A) -> English only

Your submission should have:

-> your personal details -> talk title -> technical description of your talk (abstract) -> speaking experience (links to videos and/or conferences where you have given your talks would be highly appreciated)

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