GoLab 2023

Florence, Italy November 19, 2023, November 21, 2023

Tags: Go, Golab, Testing, Security, Concurrency, Parallelism, Geek, Ethics

CFP closed at  May 21, 2023 00:00 UTC

GoLab is an all-round conference on Go programming which began in 2015, organized by developers, for developers. Since 2022 we are organizing GoLab and RustLab as a co-located conference. It is organized by Develer, a software house based in Florence, Italy.

This year GoLab will be an in-person event. In this edition you will find talks and workshops. Each talk is planned to be 40 minutes. The workshops will be 3 hours long and focused on practical case studies. We’ll have a lightning talks session too.

CFP Description

Please note that all times mentioned in this Call for Proposals, including the opening and closing times, are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Though we are open to evaluate any application, we would like our speakers to present original contents.

We will accept the following kinds of talks:

  • 40 minutes talks
  • 3 hours workshops


A talk is a 40 minute presentation, with slides and/or live coding, followed by a short Q&A session.


A workshop is more practical. The speaker can involve the audience in a hands-on tutorial about a topic/technology. The attendees may be asked to set up their environment in advance.

We expect all workshops to host at least 20 people.


As last year, GoLab and RustLab are uniting in a co-located conference! However there’s a Call For Proposals for each conference. This CFP is for GoLab only. Please refer to the RustLab 2023 CFP for proposals to the Rust track.

GoLab is open to any Go related topic. Examples are Cloud and Networking, Language and Ecosystem, Devices and Platforms, Security. Cross-topic proposals are also welcome.

In addition to the Go and Rust tracks, we’ll host a third track dedicated to hackers and thinkers. Surprise us with some cool project or a thought-provoking talk (ethics, privacy, climate, …)!

If you’ve got a particularly interesting talk that doesn’t target one of the proposed topics, feel free to submit it anyway and we’ll be happy to consider it.

We warmly welcome first time speakers.

In the next months, for all the accepted speakers, we offer weekly online office hours where you can talk with us and ask your question directly.

We will offer 1 to 1 rehearsals either online or in presence at the Develer offices (Calenzano, near Florence), where you can try your talk and receive suggestions.

After you sent your proposal

We’ll review your proposal as soon as possible and you’ll be provided some feedback.

Let’s have a great conference together!