GopherCon 2019 Lightning Talks

San Diego, CA July 27, 2019
Tags: Golang, Lightning talks

CFP closed at  April 08, 2019 00:04 UTC

The GopherCon Lightning Talks will take place on Community Day, Saturday, July 27, 2019. These 5 - 7 minute talks offer everyone a chance to take the stage at the conference, but with a little less pressure! You don’t have to be a “professional” speaker to participate in the Lightning Talks, in fact, this is the perfect opportunity to garner some stage experience in what is guaranteed to be a friendly and supportive environment. And, all Lightning Talks will be professionally recorded and posted alongside the conference presentations following the event.

Whether it’s a personal project, an abbreviated version of a conference talk submission, a company announcement, or a hobby you want to share, the Lightning Talks are a great opportunity to get the word out in seven minutes or less. Last year we had dozens of great speakers get up and share their knowledge with the hundreds of Gophers in attendance. It truly was an amazing day; and this year, we want you to be a part of it!

CFP Description

There aren’t a lot of rules to Lightning Talks, but the following are some guidelines:

  • Talks should run 5 - 7 minutes. You will not be allowed to run over the allotted time, so practice!
  • We prefer talks that are related to Go, but they don’t have to be. One year we had a great talk about roasting coffee beans and it was quite popular.
  • Inappropriate content in your submission, which violates the code of conduct, will be returned immediately.
  • Chosen talks will be added to the conference agenda at in April.
  • By submitting you understand that your talk will be scheduled by us, which means you should plan to be available for the entire day (10a - 4p). Unfortunately with 36+ speakers we cannot accommodate requests for selected times throughout the day. If you plan to travel on Saturday, July 27th, please do not submit a proposal.