GopherCon Ireland

Dublin November 02, 2023
Tags: Golang, Go

CFP closed at  July 14, 2023 10:02 UTC

GopherCon Ireland is a one day conference for the Go programming language on November 2nd, held at The Guinness Store House, in the heart of the Dublin.

CFP Description

GopherCon Ireland is focused on education and discussion of the Go programming language. We aim to attract the best speakers, contributors, and educators from around the world in hopes of providing the community with the best resources on the Go programming language every year.

We are looking for speakers to give talks. We are seeking talks covering mainstream, advanced, niche or non-technical topics aimed at a multitude of skill levels.

GopherCon Ireland seeks to deliver ‘wow’ talks that are fresh and inspiring about cutting edge topics or new perspectives on common problems. The audience will be from all backgrounds varying in skill level from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so talks varying widely in topic and skill levels are required. Most of all we want speakers who have a deep knowledge about the topics they are proposing and can’t wait to share that knowledge with a whole group of eager listeners. Tell us what you’re most passionate about and why we should be passionate about it as well.

Talk Types We are looking for:

Technical, educational, research, new technology, case studies 30-45 minutes length, with a 15min Q&A at the speaker’s discretion 8 talk sessions will be selected

We will cover:

Travel 2 nights accommodation in Dublin city centre Free entry to the conference

Videos Talk sessions will be video recorded and distributed for free along with your slides on our YouTube channel.

Speakers We believe diversity of speakers and topics makes our event better. We welcome speakers of all programming languages, experience levels and backgrounds. We welcome speakers of any gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion. We welcome new speakers and experienced speakers alike.