JSFusion #2 December Meetup

Noida, UP, India - December 10, 2017

Tags: Javascript, Nodejs, Reactjs

CFP closed at  November 30, 2017 13:11 UTC

JS Fusion is a gathering of bright JavaScript minds to create a bang of knowledge. We provide a platform for anyone willing to share his/her knowledge on JavaScript related topics whether be Frontend Frameworks like React, Angular, Vue etc or backend Techs like Node, Express, Meteor or other cool things that use JS like NodeBots, Amazon Web Services, ChatBots etc.

So if you have just woken up to JavaScript or have a ton of experience with it you are most welcome to be a part of our community.

CFP Description

We’re hosting our second event on December 10th, in Noida, India. We’re looking for talks on Functional Programming in JavaScript and are expecting talks like

  • monads
  • stage management
  • immutables
  • side effects etc

However, if you have any other topic in my mind, which you want to share, feel free to submit it.

Attendees (1)