Amsterdam & Online June 13, 2024


CFP closed at  March 03, 2024 23:59 UTC

JSNation, the main JavaScript conference of 2024, is returning on June 13-17! Get ready for boat and walking tours on the hangout day, over 50 talks from legends and rising stars, a food truck festival, dinner with React friends, and much more fun!

Learn more: https://jsnation.com/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejsnation

CFP Description

Call for Presentations - JSNation, June 13 (in-person+remote) & June 17 (remote), 2024

Our 2-days, two-track conference covering the latest and greatest news and insights from the global JavaScript network is open to a very broad set of topics both for beginners and advanced JS people.

Join us and a group of internationally known JavaScript enthusiasts to share inspiration.

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that we only review requests submitted through this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvcV6bdrNmF0mLKZf9At74MtPQnZazJRqBJfKkOiruyXbHbw/viewform

Your talk topic should be relevant to the JS community and technologies around it, including (but not limited to): • Developer Tooling • ML / AI (tools (JS specific), developing with AI) • GPU • WASM • Engines • Frameworks • Technical case studies (migrations, merging code bases, refactorings, integrating new tools, etc) • Developer environments • Cloud Development Envs • Debugging • Soft-talks • UI (interaction with designers, creating UI libraries, design patterns, component best practices, avoiding anti-patterns, design systems) • System Design • Architectural Design Patterns • (JS/TS) Language Evolution • Performance • Security • Testing in production • a11y + internalisation • Build Tools (builders, linters, compilers, etc.) • Management (processes, teams collaborations, etc.) • Infrustructure • Analytics and Monitoring • “Exotic” platforms

Full talk length: 20 min. Lightning talk length: 5-7 minutes.

Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have a few ideas to share!

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