OC3 - Open Confidential Computing Conference

Virtual February 17, 2022

Tags: Use case, Technology deep dive, Confidential computing meets cloud-native, Other

CFP closed at  December 14, 2021 08:00 UTC


OC3 is the conference for the broader open-source confidential computing community. Join core committers and contributors, new and advanced users, as well as thought leaders to share experiences and best practices in confidential computing. Learn more about the latest innovations in the ecosystem, updates of current projects, and the future of this powerful technology.

What is confidential computing?

Confidential computing is an emerging cloud computing technology that protects data not only at rest or in transit but also in use. A hardware-based trusted execution environment provides an isolated area, a secure enclave within a CPU, that protects sensitive data while being processed. The contents of an enclave are always encrypted and enable confidentiality and verifiability throughout the data lifecycle.

CFP Description

OC3 is the premier conference for the confidential computing communities.

The conference gathers an international audience of developers, security architects, cloud-native software engineers, IT security experts, security researchers, CISOs, CTOs, and everyone interested in confidential computing, to share knowledge, exchange ideas and connect with the community.

If you have a real-world application, use case, best practice, inspiring story, we encourage you to present it to a highly skilled and enthusiastic community. The topics below are guidelines and suggestions for a compelling proposal. We would love to hear your creative ideas at OC3!


Use Cases | Technology Deep Dive | Confidential computing meets cloud-native| Other

Use cases | Confidential apps & solutions

Use Case sessions discuss the real-world problem that was solved by the application and highlight interesting details on the solution. Bonus points for presentations that can quantify the positive impact that an application had on an organization.

Technology deep dive | Low-level magic

What is happening under the hood? Technology Deep-dive sessions should provide unique insights into confidential computing internals, sharing not only how a given feature works, but also why it was designed the way it was.

Confidential computing meets cloud-native

Share your best practices, technologies, or vision how to bridge the gap between cloud-native and confidential computing. What are the tools and software needed to make confidential computing more accessible and use it in cloud-native contexts? How to scale confidential workloads in the cloud? What are multi-cloud challenges for confidential computing? What is the role of confidential computing in decentralized cloud computing? etc.

We are accepting 20-min talks and 40-min talks.

Important dates:

  • Call for submissions opens: November 03, 2021
  • Call for submissions closes: December 07, 2021 9:00 AM CET
  • Speaker notifications sent: January 14, 2022

Dates subject to change.

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