Oracle Integration Cloud Training & Certification Course

Online January 04, 2022

CFP closed at  January 20, 2022 17:00 UTC

Oracle Integration cloud course includes concepts like Architecture, ICS components, exporting the packages, editing ICS integration, triggering adapter properties, cloud adapters, ICS, Creating ICS integration, and data mapping. The live projects and industry scenarios help you get a practical understanding of XPath functions, ICS data lookups, creating filters, handling conditional expressions, assigning user roles, performing the agent management task, filtering the messages, and handling runtime integration errors. Join our Oracle Integration cloud online training to accelerate your career as an Oracle Integration Cloud Developer.

Key Features

25 Hours of Sessions Flexible Schedules 24/7 Lifetime Support Certification Oriented Curriculum 20 Hours of Labs FREE Demo on Request One-on-One Doubt Clearing Real-time Project Use cases

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