#PerfMatters Conference

San Francisco / Silicon Valley, CA - March 27, 2018, March 28, 2018

Tags: Front end, Web performance, Web development, Best practices, Javascript, Third party applications, Apis

CFP closed at  October 01, 2017 23:00 UTC


#PerfMatters Conference is a single-track web performance conference in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally renowned performance developers, taking place March 27 & 28, 2017. Our focus is on front-end web performance.

Longer Version

#PerfMatters is the Web Performance Conference taking place in Redwood City, CA March 27 & 28, 2018. The venue is located half way between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, accessible via the San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) airports (The venue is actually equidistant from SFO, SJC, and the Oakland International Airport, but that’s a little bit more of a hassle).

Our audience is made up primarily of engineering students, software engineers, web developers, performance engineers, technical managers and CTOs. Part of the program is curated, with most slots being filled by this Call for Presentations. We don’t want a sales pitch. We are looking for people passionate about performance who are able to speak effectively and from experience, and who understand our audience of developers. This is a single and a half track conference, meaning there is a single track, with a second much smaller room available for tutorials, un-conference talks, and anything else a speaker, attendee or sponsor might suggest. Being a single track conference, we are more flexible with talk lengths.

Be relevant to web performance

Indicate how your talk is directly relevant to our audience for an improved likelihood of acceptance.

CFP Description

We like to see anything that you find interesting that is relevant to other developers interested in performance:

  • Performance testing, metrics, work arounds & discoveries
  • The navigation timing API, browsers and the WC3
  • CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5’s impact on performance
  • Framework, extension, post processors, and/or media’s impact on performance
  • UI, UX, accessibility, and the impact on performance.
  • Globalization, internationalization, privacy, or censorship, and the impact on performance.
  • HTTPS, HTTP/2, PWA, AMP, WebP, srcset, , and other topics less than 8 letters long.
  • Web performance community, history, past, present & future
  • Convincing or teaching your board, boss, community, and co-workers on the importance of web performance.
  • Technological advances in web development or computer science in general, if somehow applicable to performance.
  • Ingenious ideas & cool hacks you’re working on.
  • Whatever you want; this is your conference.

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