Pionir #1 - For the pioneers of the new age

Kikinda, Serbia May 05, 2019, December 15, 2019


CFP closed at  June 01, 2019 09:06 UTC

Pionir is an experimental educational and development program that focuses on youth, and tries to challenge the current norms and paradigms of teaching about technology, trying to shape native digitals into non-linear thinkers, with deeply transformative missions in mind. The aim of the program is to create think tank and a new generation of exceptional humans capable of radical innovation by working on projects, researching and planting non-reactionary culture. Each generation is exposed to the latest themes, technologies and ideas that look ahead of the immediate and obvious.

Settled in a small town of Kikinda on the north of Serbia, this program chooses an unconventional, grassroots culture focused on community and human development to tackle some of the challenges of tomorrow with local, underprivileged children and prove hypothesis of a different education that can be then rolled out to a wider audience.

CFP Description

We are looking for people who are willing to join us in Kikinda, and with talks or activities disrupt and reshape minds of young people according to the mission of the program. Radical, transformative or disruptive ideas, about any topic technological, but also about philosophy and ethics around technology, emerging technology and interesting projects. Free culture and freedom projects welcome.

First generation starts on the 5th of May and graduates on the 15th of December, 2019. Guest lectures and activities will be scheduled for weekend days.

Talks and activities should be in English or Serbian.

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