PyCaribbean 2017

Bayamón, PR February 18, 2017
Tags: Framework, Experimental, Flask, Django, Community, Devops, Web, Core python

CFP closed at  December 06, 2016 18:02 UTC

PyCaribbean 2017 is the second Python conference dedicated to the Python community in the Caribbean. We’ve set out to unite the Caribbean communities and bring to them the PyCon experience.

We are a conference built by the Python community for the Python community.

Where is it being held?

We will be int he beautiful city of Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Our hosts will be our friends of Engine-4, a local coworking space, and the actual city mayorship.

Why February?

We wanted to be the first conference of the year in the Caribbean. It also puts us at the beginning of the school/university semester, at a point where work isn’t overwhelming to students.

It’s also cold up north and let’s be honest wouldn’t it be awesome to heat up in the Caribbean with an awesome Python community? :)

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There are no age requirements to attend this event. We do ask that minors be accompanied by their legal guardians. The only ID requirement is a photo ID at registration time if you do not have your Eventbrite ticket.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The venue has ample parking onsite. It is also located between two train stops that are only a five minute walk away. We will also have transportation provided by the city of Bayamón from the event’s partner hotel.

By the conference date Uber should have started operations in Puerto Rico so they might be a suitable alternate form of transportation.

So what language is the conference going to be in?

English will be the official language for the keynotes. English and Spanish will be the “official” languages for the talks. Other than that we love diversity :)

Will there be vegetarian dishes available at the conference?

Yes. We will cater to your every need as best as we can. If you have any dietary need please let us know at You can count on our highest discretion.

Will there be any extra activities during the conference?

We are still planning them out, but we expect to have a number of local community events and recreational activities prepared. We will be announcing them as they become available.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Not at the moment but it is something that we can address if the need arises.

Can I cancel my reservation?

We rather have you with us, but if it’s unavoidable you can cancel and get a full refund no later than January 15, 2017.

CFP Description

PyCaribbean has no overarching topic. Our goal is to bring a variety of interesting talks to the local community. That said there are a number of topics that the local community finds of great interest. Some of these are:

  • Scientific applications / Scientific developers
  • Data Sciences / Data munging
  • Fullstack Python
  • DevOps (Python in ops and Python development with Docker)
  • Basic Python and how to be good at it
  • Enterprise Python

There has been a great explosion of entrepreneurship , startups , and freelancers in the Caribbean and as such any topic along these line is also of great interest.

Can I talk about something other than Python?

Yes you can! We are of course a Python conference and as such these talks should be a direct benefit to the greater Python community. Some examples of non-Python talks that would fit the bill are:

  • Tech law / Patent law
  • How to go from a developer to an entrepreneur
  • Exporting software
  • Creating a software company
  • Javascript with X framework
  • Running X language code in Python
  • Running Python in X language code
  • How to build the Python community where you live

Target Audience

We are not targeting a specific audience at this event. All are welcome, no matter their expertise or proficiency.

As a speaker you can expect a heathy mix of students, academics, professional software developers, and hobbyists. We encourage you to submit your talk with this in mind and not to shy away from intermediate and advanced topics.

The Language

The Caribbean is a beautiful cacophony of cultures and languages. As such we have decided to limit the languages to English and Spanish. You as a speaker have complete discretion on the language for your talk.

There will be one exception to the language rule stated above, the keynotes. We’ve decided that all keynotes will be in English. These talks are where all attendees will be present and we feel that English is the language that unites us all and excludes no one.

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