PyCon Zimbabwe 2018

Harare, Zimbabwe October 19, 2018, October 20, 2018

CFP closed at  September 19, 2018 14:09 UTC

About PyCon Zimbabwe

PyConZim is the conference for the Python programming community in Zimbabwe. It brings together students, professionals, hobbyists & corporates, that are interested in the Python programming language.

Conference Dates

*October 19th: Main Conference Track
*October 20th: Workshops/Tutorials/Training-Sessions

CFP Description

We are encouraging everyone who would like to speak at PyConZim to submit a proposal. All we want is the proposal to be of interest to a group of Python developers. Our talks slot will be 30 minutes long including time for questions and answers, whilst workshops will be +3 hours long.

We are also encouraging first time speakers to submit their proposals.

The Python community in Zimbabwe is a growing community with an audience of diverse Python experience, from beginners to expert developers. We are therefore looking for talks that will benefit our diverse audience. This means we welcome proposals suitable for beginners, people with somewhat knowledge of Python, very good programmers and expert programmers. We are looking for talks and workshops which include, but are not limited to the following domains:

  * Django Web Framework 
  * Python in Data Science
  * Python Community
  * Python in Education
  * Python Application in various industries