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San Sebastian
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CFP closed at  September 01, 2017 07:00 UTC

Fourth Python conference in San Sebastian. Date: 6-8 October Our Website

CFP Description

We’re looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice to advanced levels, applications and frameworks, or how you have been involved in introducing Python into your organization. Python San Sebastian is a community conference and we are eager to hear about your experience.

Please also forward this Call for Proposals to anyone that you feel may be interested.

Talk submission will be open until August 31nd.

Presenting at Python San Sebastian

We will accept a broad range of presentations, from reports on academic and commercial projects to tutorials and case studies. As long as the presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the Python community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program.

Can you show something new and useful? Can you show the attendees how to: use a module? Explore a Python language feature? Package an application? If so, please consider submitting a talk.

First time speakers are especially welcome.

There are four different kinds of contributions that you can present at Python San Sebastian:

  • Regular talk / 12 slots.

    These are standard “talks with slides”, allocated in slots of 30 minutes 45 minutes

    depending on your preference and scheduling constraints. A Q&A session is held at the end of the talk and included in the time slot.

  • Hands-on training / 4 slots.

    These are advanced training sessions to dive into the subject with all details. These sessions are 2.5 - 3 hours long. The training attendees will be encouraged to bring a laptop. They should be prepared with less slides and more source code. Room capacity for the trainings rooms is 50 seats.

Discounts for speakers and trainers

It is not possible to pay out rewards for talks, since almost half of the attendees give talks. For trainers we can give a 100% discount.

Topics and Goals

Suggested topics for Python San Sebastian presentations include, but are not limited to:

Core Python

Alternative Python implementations: e.g. Jython, IronPython, PyPy, and Stackless

Python libraries and extensions

Python 2 to 3 migration



GUI Programming

Game Programming

Network Programming

Open Source Python projects

Packaging Issues

Programming Tools

Project Best Practices

Embedding and Extending

Education, Science and Math

Web-based Systems

Presentation goals are usually some of the following:

Introduce the audience to a new topic

Introduce the audience to new developments on a well-known topic

Show the audience real-world usage scenarios for a specific topic (case study)

Dig into advanced and relatively-unknown details on a topic

Compare different solutions available on the market for a topic

Language for Talks & Trainings

Talks and training should, in general, be held in English. We are also accepting a number of talks and trainings in Spanish and Basque.

The talk submission form lets you choose the language you want to give the talk in.

If you speak Basque/Spanish and don’t feel comfortable speaking English, please submit the talk title and abstract directly in Spanish/Basque. If you are able to give the talk in multiple languages, please submit one proposals for the talk in each language, with title and description adjusted accordingly.

Inappropriate Language and Imagery

Please consider that Python San Sebastian is a conference with an audience from a broad geographical area. What might be considered a “funny, inoffensive joke” in a region might be really offensive (if not even unlawful) in another. If you want to add humor, references and images to your talk, avoid any choice that might be offensive to a group which is different from yours, and pay attention to our Python San Sebastian Code of Conduct.

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