React Day Bangalore

Bangalore April 25, 2020
Tags: React, React native

CFP closed at  January 16, 2020 18:29 UTC

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React Day Bangalore is a one day react conference dedicated to bring 500+ react developers together. We will have one full day of amazing react talks and panel discussions.

This is 2 track conference. Track 1 covers React & core web concepts and Track 2 covers React Native, GraphQL, Typescript & ReasonML. You can propose talks related to any of these topics

We also encourage first time speakers as well to propose talks to this conference. We will help you in preparing and delivering your first talk if your talk is selected.

CFP Description

React is one of the most popular Javascript framework at the moment. You can propose talks in any topic closely related to React & React Native.

Here are a few sample topics:

  • New features in React or React Native
  • Performance optimisations
  • Challenges at scale
  • State management
  • Design systems
  • Testing
  • GraphQL
  • Typescript
  • ReasonML