React Conf Brasil 2017

Sao Paulo, Brasil - October 07, 2017
Tags: Apollo, React native, Redux, Fiber, Relay, Graphql, React

CFP closed at  August 19, 2017 23:08 UTC

[pt-BR] A 1ª React Conf no Brasil. Inspirada nas confs dos EUA e Europa, queremos reunir o bleeding edge dos devs e empresas com um único propósito: move fast and forward.

[en] The 1st React Conf in Brazil. Inspired by the USA and Europe conferences, we want to bring together the bleeding edge of devs and companies with a single purpose: move fast and forward.

We have been choosing the selected speakers and they are going to be announced in the next couple weeks. From 73 submissions, the first four speakers are: - Relay Modern - Sibelius Seraphini (Entria - São Paulo, Brasil) - Scratching React Fiber - Raphael Amorim ( - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) - The magic world of tests with Jest - Fernando Daciuk (React Ninja - Curitiba, Brasil) - Isomorphic React + Redux App - Matheus Marsiglio (SENAI - São Paulo, Brasil)

CFP Description

[pt-BR] Se você tem uma palestra inédita, com temas relacionados a React JS, React Native, Fiber, GraphQL, Redux, Relay, Jest, PWAs, ou outros frameworks e bibliotecas reativas, envie sua proposta. Responderemos a todos.

[en] If you have an unpublished talk, with themes related to React JS, React Native, Fiber, GraphQL, Redux, Relay, Jest, PWAs, or other reactive frameworks and libraries, submit your proposal. We will respond to everyone.

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