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Online January 08, 2024, January 22, 2024, February 05, 2024, February 19, 2024, March 04, 2024, March 18, 2024, April 01, 2024, April 15, 2024

Accepting Submissions

The Serverless Sorcery Podcast is extending an invitation to thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the realms of serverless computing and generative AI to contribute to a series of engaging and insightful discussions. Our podcast serves as a nexus for professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss best practices, and showcase groundbreaking projects that are shaping the future of technology.

We Seek Speakers Who Can:

Illuminate the intricacies and advantages of serverless architectures. Articulate the transformative impact of generative AI on modern development practices. Provide tangible best practices and strategic insights into serverless solutions. Discuss ethical considerations, societal impacts, and the evolving landscape of AI technologies. Share compelling case studies and personal narratives of success and innovation.

Speaker Benefits:

Engage with a diverse and passionate audience keen on serverless and AI innovations. Expand your professional network by connecting with other industry experts. Enhance your thought leadership and elevate your professional standing in the tech community. Exclusive opportunities to promote your expertise and initiatives through our platform.

Join Our Journey

We are committed to fostering a platform that not only enlightens but also inspires. If you are at the forefront of serverless computing or generative AI and possess insights that can benefit our audience, we cordially invite you to submit your proposal.

Let us together demystify the complexities of these burgeoning technologies and guide our listeners towards a future brimming with possibilities.

CFP Description

We have the following CFP conditions.

Session Themes:

Architectural Excellence: Design patterns, deployment strategies, and management of serverless infrastructures. Generative AI Insights: Practical applications, ethical implications, and future prospects. Tooling and Technologies: In-depth analysis of the tools, services, and frameworks at the forefront of serverless and AI advancements. Thought Leadership: Perspectives on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities for innovation.

Levels of Expertise

Beginner to Advanced: Our content is geared towards listeners who have a little to foundational understanding of serverless concepts and AI, looking to expand their knowledge. Expert and Thought Leaders: We highly encourage content that can challenge our audience and introduce them to cutting-edge ideas and practices.

Target Audience

Our listeners are tech professionals, developers, IT managers, and students with a passion for cloud computing, eager to learn about serverless solutions and AI advancements. They expect actionable content that can be applied to their work or studies.

Session Format

The session will be a pre-recorded audio podcast to be released every two weeks on Monday at 9 am AEDT / Sunday at 6 pm ET. Each will be recorded for a duration of between 30-45 minutes.

Submission Requirements:

A concise and compelling session title. An abstract that succinctly outlines the key takeaways and relevance to our audience. A professional biography that highlights your expertise and credentials in the field (150 words max). Mention your availability for recording sessions.

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