ServerlessDays Milano 2024

Milano, Italy June 13, 2024
Tags: Aws, Azure, Gcp, Other, Opensource

CFP closed at  February 19, 2024 07:00 UTC

About ServerlessDays Milano 2024

Serverless became a buzzword in 2014, and 10 years later, it now clearly represents state-of-the-art software development in a cloud-native world. ServerlessDays is a family of events around the globe focused on fostering a community around serverless technologies.

ServerlessDays is a community-focused, single-track, one-day, and no-profit event that moves away from the hype and focuses on the reality of serverless solutions. It’s about fostering a community locally and helping us learn from each other as we embrace the new way of building applications.

We are building on the success of JeffConf Milano 2017, ServerlessDays Milano 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, and hosting ServerlessDays Milano in 2024.

Conference Details

  • Date: Thursday, June 13th, 2024.
  • Venue: C30 - viale Cassala 30, Milano, Italy.
  • Expected attendance: 200 on-site, 150+ live-stream viewers.

About the Location

C30 is a tech co-working space hosting over 30 companies and 350 residents. It’s easily reachable by public transport (M2 Romolo, 90/91), Train (Romolo FS), and car. The venue is wheelchair accessible.


The conference mixes elements of an unconference and a more traditional conference:

  • Speaker Dinner with speakers and sponsors, the evening before the conference
  • Morning Sessions – Welcome, two keynotes and lightning talks?
  • Extended Lunch – Includes Open Session with spaces for interactive discussion
  • Afternoon Sessions – Four sessions and one closing keynote
  • Happy hour


ServerlessDays Milano 2024 will be held in English as the primary language; we have invited special international guests as our keynote speakers, and their speeches will be in English. A few talks might be delivered in Italian.

Ticket prices

Tickets are priced at 45€. Free tickets are available upon request for students and diverse attendees.

Attendee Profile

Technical stakeholders: Backend developers, Frontend developers, Full-stack developers, and DevOps who are keenly interested in exploring new technologies and ways of doing things. The type of developer we see at serverless events works outside of their comfort zone and is often crucial to successfully introducing new technologies into an organization.

Business stakeholders who are trying to attract talent and find new solutions to complex problems. We typically attract product managers, program directors, technical recruiters, and CTOs.

CFP Description

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a talk at ServerlessDays Milano 2024 :)

We welcome technical talks related to serverless topics. We prefer discussing use cases, hands-on product demos, and in-depth technical product presentations. We do not accept marketing talks and sales speeches. We generally do not accept talks by marketing or sales staff.

We will host regular talks (40 minutes), short talks (20 minutes) and lightning talks (10 minutes).
Talks should preferably be in English. We accept 10’ and 20’ talks in Italian as well.

Check out our previous agenda for reference: 2021, 2019,2018.

Questions? Email us at

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