Developer Days 2023

Virtual March 07, 2023, March 08, 2023, March 09, 2023
Tags: Apis, Event triggers, Workflows, Rules, Transforms, Saas connectivity, Other

CFP closed at  December 31, 2022 23:30 UTC

Developer Days 2023

Developer Days is the conference for developers on SailPoint platforms—the ones with their hands on a keyboard, actively extending their organization’s identity solutions. These sessions will be provided by the SailPoint Developer Relations team, and identity experts just like you. All accepted speakers will receive a $250 speakers gift.

Almost all of our sessions will be hands-on and everyone should walk away from your session learning how to build something new. A few slots will be reserved for product announcement presentations from a development/extensibility lens as well as a few captivating, identity governance storytellers. If you believe you’re in the latter, we encourage you to also submit a talk!

When Is It?

Developer Days will be virtual, and takes place on March 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2023.

Who Attends Developer Days?

While Developer Days is focused on developers or those developing integrations to our platforms, anyone else who might be curious to learn more is welcome to attend. Attending is free, and anyone may come to watch you present.

CFP Description

Would You Like To Present?

We welcome speakers from varying backgrounds. You do not have to be an experienced speaker or an experienced programmer to be considered for speaking at Developer Days. We aim to ensure that the conference is welcoming and relevant to both beginner and experienced developers.

This is a virtual conference, and we only ask that speakers work to have a stable internet connection during the conference.


As mentioned above, each session should be a hands-on session to teach users how to use the various extensibility options provided by SailPoint (APIs, Event Triggers, SaaS Connectivity, Workflows, Java/Beanshell etc.) to solve an identity governance problem. We will also allow a select few to present on non-tangible topics—if you feel you might have a compelling story or presentation, we encourage you to submit!

You may submit proposals for one of three types of sessions:

  • Standard Build (Time limit: 30 minutes)
  • Extended/Deep Dive Build (Time limit: 45 minutes)
  • Community Tool Showcase (Time limit: 30 minutes)

Writing a Proposal - What to Include


Keep it short and to the point. You could include a pun, something funny or captivating if you’d like, but avoid titles that sound like 10 reasons why news articles write like this.


Tell us more about this talk–straight to the point. Describe what the audience will walk away with and what problem your solution solved.


This should be where you include the most detail. What problem you aimed to solve, what solutions you considered, why you went with the solution you did, and any other information you think is relevant. Then, show what you built, how you built it, and in a way that the attendees can follow along. Be sure to make necessary assets publicly available for attendees to reach and use.

Please also include:

  • The opening statement you plan to use in your demo/presentation
  • An outline of the presentation itself (cliff notes or short bullets are fine for a first submission)
  • A conclusion, including any assets needed for the user to build the same solution

Selection Criteria

  • Relevance: Does this topic cover extensibility on the SailPoint platform and showcase usage of one of our extensibility offerings? (APIs, Event Triggers, SaaS Connectivity, Rules/Transforms, Workflows, Java/Beanshell, etc.)
  • Knowledge: Is this topic something you are confident about, enough to share it with others who may also go on to implement it?
  • Coverage: Do you provide a cohesive presentation, with all of the necessary steps and material, to get the attendees from start to finish?
  • Organization: Is the content in an order that makes sense? Will the audience follow-along and not get lost?
  • Takeaway: Is the takeaway something tangible? If not, why do you feel the presentation deserves to be shared with developers?

Submission Process

We will have our call for presentations open until the end of the 2022 calendar year, and will announce our selections on or before January 13th, 2023.