Francisco Navarro



Hello, My name is Francisco Navarro also known as “@ctmcisco” on Twitter. I have only been active with the PowerShell Community since 2016. Since then, I became a contributor to Adam Bertram’s Business endeavor “Techsnips”; where I have been able to create free learning content catered to folks in the Information Technology realm. I became the Co-Organizer for the Chicago PowerShell User Group along with a Summit Alumni Bonnie Runimas where we hold quarterly meetups. I also was invited to perform a couple of presentations for the PowerHour Lightning Talks broadcasted live on YouTube.

I have yet to have the opportunity or pleasure of attending any Summit since its inception. To have the opportunity to attend a Summit for the first time would be such a pleasure. More so, would a great honor to address my peers on a bigger stage. I am very green at presenting to large audiences, however, I look forward to an opportunity to present to my peers and prove to myself I have what it takes, regardless of the result. You only live once!

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