Getting started with the AutomatedLab

By Francisco Navarro

Elevator Pitch

Building a lab of virtual machines to evaluate a product is tedious work, and prone to human error. There are ways to automate the process. One way is to use AutomatedLab ( AL ) with Hyper-V or Azure. AutomatedLab builds the foundation allowing you to experience a productive evaluation fast!


In this talk, we will cover what exactly is AutomatedLab (AL), and how to configure a Windows Workstation to leverage AL. The talk will also cover how to create a single VM and Multiple VM labs. Then we will cover what type of labs are possible using Role-Based Lab deployments and Recipes. Lastly we will cover how to deploy a lab in Azure using only AutomatedLab.

Come see how you can start deploying labs to Hyper-V or your Azure Subscription with little effort from your workstation using AutomatedLab. This session will cover:

  • What is AutomatedLab
  • How to configure and prepare your Windows workstation for AL deployments
  • How to interact with the virtual machine(s) you build with AL
  • What scenarios can be deployed using AL
  • How to deploy and clean a lab in Azure


Hello, My name is Francisco Navarro also known as “@ctmcisco” on Twitter.

I am pretty passionate about automation even thought I don’t have a premier level of expertise on the subject. I use to build labs manually all the time and sometimes there is no choice but to clone, cleanse or build from scratch. I have done this talk at the Chicago PowerShell Group meetup and had a good attendance for the talk. I have also have done a lighting talk on this topic for the PowerShell Power Hour YouTube channel in front of a live audience. More so, I use AutomatedLab heavily for Personal and Business use cases such as POC deployments and Test labs for learning. I contribute to the project by making it known on Social Media and participate in AL’s GitHub Issues page. I have checked the YouTube Playlists of past Summits. Seems no one has ever given a talk that included AutomatedLab or any credit if AL was used for their demos. I feel there are many folks out there that that haven’t used or heard of AutomatedLab. I would like to have the honor of properly introducing AL to others from my experience and what AL has to offer.