Dmitry Paranyushkin



Dmitry Paranyushkin is an artist, researcher and inventor based between Paris, Berlin and Moscow. He studied Economics and Maths in the Moscow State University (BA), theater, dance and performance in Dartington College of Arts, and Biology and Life-Sciences in Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Paris Diderot VII (MA).

Dmitry presented his work in a variety of contexts, including Martin Gropius Bau museum for contemporary art in Berlin, Palais du Tokyo in Paris, V-A-C foundation in Venice, The Web Conference in San-Francisco, re:publica, and CCC congress. He’s collaborated and worked side-by-side with researchers and artists including Diego Agullo, Colin Johnco, Isabel Lewis, and NSDOS. He runs a research lab Nodus Labs and is the inventor of the open-source insight generation tool InfraNodus. Together with Koo Des he co-founded EightOS — bodymind operating system practice, which hosts immersive performative events around the world.

In his research and as an inventor Dmitry is interested in creating the frameworks and tools that enhance perception and stimulate imagination. He’s currently working on a set of approaches that use network analysis to identify structural gaps in knowledge in order to help both people and machines to find the new ideas and to bridge them together.

In his art practice Dmitry is interested in alternative microuniverses, constructed identities, and technologies of the self. The body is used as the main medium for expression which occurs in the frame of immersive performative events and visual installations.

My Talks

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