Is it a deal breaker or a minor bug?

By Daneez Owais

Elevator Pitch

What is software testing? What are the processes that are followed in an Agile QA department. This talk will be an interactive discussion of different types of testing and the hurdles a QA engineer has to cross. The slides will include some bugs that the audience will be asked to figure out.


Thinking like a tester. Are testers just whiners? Do testers just enjoy giving bad news? Are testers just negative thinkers? Lets get together to discuss the role of a Quality Assurance Engineer through an interactive session. QA engineers are often a misunderstood and despised species! How important is their job? How are bugs reproduced? Do QA engineers just execute test cases and compare expected results? Testers job is to think technically, creatively and practically. Testers job is not just to look for obvious problems but to go deeper into the psychology of the user experience.

Coming from 13 years experience in software testing, I will share the different roles of a QA engineer. And the different hurdles we come across in software testing and how we dig deeper and deeper to ensure that the product provides a beautiful user experience.


I have never spoken at a conference before but considering my experience I feel I have a lot to share. I plan to show slides that will have obvious and not so obvious bugs and involve the audience in pointing out the bugs. My role in QA has involved providing the following: • Providing a comprehensive assessment of the quality of a product. • Working with the developers to improve the quality of the product. • Assisting Product Owners in writing user stories for new product features. • Assisting in writing automating tests after manual tests for both the web and IOS. • Running regression tests before weekly releases. • Training project managers on the new features of a product and the Business rules associated with it. • Assisting the technical writers in documenting the product features for the clients.