Who is my user?

By Daneez Owais

Elevator Pitch

Testers have to wear many hats and one of them is trying to be the users. This talk will be focused on understanding the user from the perspective of a tester with an interactive persona building exercise.


It is very difficult for a tester to put themselves in the shoes of a user. There are a lot of practices involved in usability testing. To keep users happy you have to give them a better product and in order to achieve that you have to know and build personas. I have used research interviews to create a mental image of my users and then explored products with that mindset. I will describe in this talk how you can approach testing your projects with the user in mind. What tools testers can use to build an image of a user to understand needs from their perspective versus assuming I know what they need or want


I have extensive background in software quality assurance for over 12 years, with expertise in usability, functional, non-functional, smoke, regression and exploratory I have also been mentoring people in the community to start careers in QA.