So, You Want to Be a Digital Nomad?

By Heather Wilde

Elevator Pitch

You’ve heard the pitch: Work from the beach, whenever you want, in your PJs, margarita in hand. Awesome, right? In this session, you’ll learn the reality from a 10-year veteran nomad, gain practical steps to get started and find out if you have what it takes to be location independent.


Speaker Heather Wilde spent much of 2007 planning, researching, minimizing and laying the foundation for her new life as a digital nomad. Leaving a three bedroom house in Boston to a 47’ foot sailboat in Mexico was unlike everything she’d known before, and brought unanticipated challenges at every turn. Find out first-hand tips and tricks, as well as observations, and ask all the things you’ve been dying to know, like: How do I get paid? Why isn’t there any toilet paper!? Is this really for me?


I’m happy to defer to someone else who’s been digital nomading for a while, but people do love this topic, and it went well enough at CodeMash as a lightning talk.
In my favor: Sailboat. Lived in Disney World. Have been living on the road for years.


Love you guys :)