Do You Want Fries with your Compiler? The Rise of Liberal Arts in Tech

By Heather Wilde

Elevator Pitch

General Assembly. The Iron Yard. Singularity University - even Khan Academy are lowering the barrier to entry for programmers to get started, so what is the value of a Computer Science degree anymore?


The world has flipped-turned-upside-down and once shunned Liberal Arts degrees have started to become desirable to startups and larger technology companies, where they can be given the freedom to be resourceful and think for themselves.

How can you navigate this new world of hiring? As a manager, how can you be sure to hire the right person for the positions you have available? As a job candidate, how can you make sure you present your skills in the way companies are looking for in this new, crazy era?

Join me for an interesting open floor discussion about the wacky world of human resources.