Growth Hacking 101

By Heather Wilde

Elevator Pitch

From Community Engineering to Guerrilla Marketing, today’s most successful Growth Hackers take a page from strategies of the past. Learn how Growth Hacking got its start, what it means, and get some real-world tips on how you can apply these methods to any type of business.


I share some of the simplest and best “Trade Secrets” to teach you the skills, tools, and mindset of data-driven creativity to deliver growth for your company. You’ll learn how to leverage Google Analytics, social media marketing, machine learning, and more! You will dominate the competitors, and more importantly, have fun doing it.

You will learn:

How to market your brand for little to no money. What tools to use that will help you automate your business to help you compete with the big guys. Everything you need to know to get started with growth hacking; what it is, and how you can adapt and implement growth hacks to benefit any digital strategy.