Monika Golec



My professional origins started in investment banking. I entered the world of testing in 2015 and fell in love! The more I learn about testing the more interesting it is to me.

Specializing in Test Automation and Test Management

  • Testing professionally since 2017 with worldwide known firms, including Airlines and Railways. Regularly enjoying test conferences, workshops and meeting interesting people on the way.
  • Experience living and working in different countries; travelling in 35+ countries; since 2014 living in Switzerland; Speak native Polish, fluent English; basic Slavic languages; intermediate German (B1-B2 in progress) and Russian.
  • Love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. My passion is also the traveling and organizational side of this adventure. Enjoying Anime, Action & Fantasy movies, Toastmasters and ice baths. Bags, shoes and flowers – are also close to my heart.

What did you learn through testing?
I’ve done different testing activities from Test management, automation to usability testing. Learned that a user’s creativity is remarkable and has no boundaries. That excites me.

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My Talks

AI (GUI & API) in Test Automation

Cool Bio-hack, or from Zero to Iceman and how it helps in testing.

Evaluate to Motivate