Alberto Miranda

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Professional bio

I finished my studies as Systems Analyst in 2005 while working in QA. I started my development adventure on the backend, as a PHP developer.

Several years ago I fall in love with JavaScript, its freedom and power. Since then I’m focused on frontend engineering.

I also enjoy doing open source for fun, collaborating and maintaining several npm packages. I even played with desktop apps on top of Electron and contributed to WebTorrent Desktop, which is an amazing project!

More personal stuff

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. I always lived in Banfield, near where Julio Cortázar once had its home. My grandfather is one of the greatest tango musicians who ever lived. His name is Alberto Caracciolo.

Sometimes I play the guitar and I have the best wife in the world and an amazing little kid.

My Talks

JavaScript IoT