JavaScript IoT

By Alberto Miranda

Elevator Pitch

I’ll introduce you to the world of IoT and tell you what you need to get started building your own devices using ridiculously cheap microcontrollers and JavaScript.


JavaScript IoT

  • What’s IoT?
  • Which are some of the most popular IoT devices in the market?
  • Should we care about security?
  • Should we worry about IoT?

These are some of the question we will answer to get started. This part of the talk is completely accessible for anyone, without any previous knowledge on the topic, hardware or programming.

  • How can we get into IoT?

We’ll talk about the building blocks to create our own IoT solutions using ridiculously cheap microcontrollers and JavaScript. I’ll introduce you to the NodeMCU development board and Espruino and we will review some short code samples together.

For this part of the talk basic JavaScript knowledge is required.

  • Is there going to be a demo?

Oh yeah! 😎

I will show you a homemade IoT switch you can control using voice commands on your phone (Siri on iOS).


Howdy! 🙌

I already gave this talk at Elementum and people really engaged with its content.

Engineers quickly started to hack their own prototypes a few days after the talk and people without technical background enjoyed the quick intro to the world of IoT.

Everyone loved the demo and it sparked a growing interest on them ⚡️

Requirements 🔌💡

The only requirement for the talk is a power outlet to connect the IoT switch, which should be visible by all attendees. I’ll connect a LED reflector to it and we will turn it on and off during the demo.