Thinking Atomically with Insight-Based Research

By Chris Varosy

Elevator Pitch

How do you turn a huge pile of research into a product that considers it all? Insight-based research makes it easier. It’s a method that involves proactively listening for certain kinds of information and capturing it in pieces to help you create deliverables that align with your findings.


There’s no point in doing research if you can’t summarize it, communicate it and most importantly, apply the learnings from it. Insight-Based Research is efficient at doing all of these things. It allows a team of researchers to capture notes centrally as atomic elements, then categorize, sort and aggregate easily into major themes. It’s both quantitative and qualitative, and each person captures for everyone’s benefit. And because the team is proactively listening for information that will be helpful to the rest of the deliverables on the project, the body of insights becomes the easily mined raw material for everything that happens next.


This talk is targeted at UX researchers and designers who have at least a basic knowledge of both user research and applying it to user experience design. We’ll look at examples of the process in action, talk about strategies for maximizing success using it, and do a hands-on exercise that can be done in an auditorium setting. Animated slides with audio and video will be used.