Chris Varosy

Denver, CO


Chris Varosy started designing at birth: first it was spit-up patterns, then Crayola messes, then t-shirts and logos. In 1994, somebody mistook him for a web expert after he read some release notes on Netscape 0.9. Since then, Chris has founded three agencies and has been designing for all manner of interactivity, leaving a trail of animated GIFs, Shockwave, HTML, Flash, infographics, web portals, mobile apps, kiosks, data visualizations, software and other obsolete detritus. By the time you read this bio, it will be out of date, as he’s moved on to the next way design can serve people. Chris’s current gig is Partner, Creative at Primitive Spark, a human-centered UX agency. When he’s not designing or blathering on about design, Chris is probably making an unholy racket with musical instruments and/or woodworking tools.

My Talks

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Thinking Atomically with Insight-Based Research

Visualizations for Action