Making your Bot smarter - how to add Artificial Intelligence

By Hector Morales

Talk Abstract

Bots are part of our daily interactions. They are every where, from chatbots in business messengers to smart call center agents. But what if you want to make your Spark Bot and Webhooks smarter? This talk will take you to understand code, tools and services that provides Artificial Intelligence

Talk Description

We hear more and more that products and services are AI - Artificial Intelligence - enabled. But exactly what this means. This talk will take you over the time since AI was first developed almost 60 years ago, how the AI research has evolved and now where we are. We will discuss about the basic AI concepts, the differences between AI, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, among other concepts and we will learn about the different methods and algorithms. We will discuss as well on current industry applications and we will analyze some services, coding and algorithms. We will use a Spark Bot as part of our journey so we it will be learning more over every iteration as a practical application using Natural Language Processing.


Making your Bot smarter - how to add Artificial Intelligence

Target audience

Most of developers like to code Bots or at least interact with them. However, giving brains to the Bot is a topic that many of us wants to understand. The talks is targeted to any developer that wants to understand more about Artificial Intelligence, from the basics to the services out there to provide some sort of machine learning


  • No previous experience or learning is required

Learning experience

  • 50% slideware
  • 50% demo
  • The objective is to explain AI concepts from a practical perspective using Python and a Bot, who will get smarter in every iteration

Topics covered in the workshop

  • The basics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • An application: Natural Language Processing