Design considerations for container-based Go applications

By Kazuki Higashiguchi

Elevator Pitch

About “design considerations” of Go application that run in container. When we develop API application that runs in container, we need to consider image building, monitoring, logging, configuration and so on. I will also explain the “details” of implementation based on “design consideration”.


In container-based application, there are several guidelines so-called “cloud native guideline”. For example, the following guidelines are published and referenced everywhere

  • Beyond the twelve factor app
  • Principles of container-based application design by redhat
  • AWS Cloud Design Patterns

It is not necessary to cover everything completely, but it is useful to be aware of designs that take these aspects into consideration. However, in terms of “how to realize it in the Go language”, I still feel that there is little sharing of knowledge. Therefore, I will introduce the practical knowledge the details of implementation such as the selection of the library, HTTP handler, configuration and so on.


This talk is about the concrete implementation of the talk of “Container based application Design Real Practices” presented at Docker meetup tokyo.