Intro to project workflows automation via Gitlab CI/CD

By Narain Sagar

Elevator Pitch

Have you ever thought of automating your deployment process’es (creating project build for staging or production, running automated (unit/e2e) tests and then deploying it to your favorite hosting)? GitlabCI offers an easy configuration to do this all and a lot more.


Managing a project, creating build releases for different environments, running project test cases and managing deployments play a key role in project development. In this talk, we will have a look at an amazing tool called Gitlab CI to manage and automate almost every task related release and deployment so that we can reduce our a lot of time, effort, energy and cost. This will include:

  • Introduction to Git and Gitlab CI
  • Configuring and setting up pipelines for multiple environments (like staging and production)
  • Setting up multiple jobs like build, test and deploy code
  • Monitoring deployments


I’ve been working with Gitlab for 2+ years now and in almost every project, I have used GitlabCI tool for creating a build, running tests, deploying code to servers and monitor our deployments. This will be much of introductory talk where I will quickly explain and show the working with GitlabCI.

  • I will show a demo of working pipeline of a simple angular project which will first create project build, run unit and e2e tests and deploy it to the server.

Link to the GitlabCI documentation is here: