Leveraging DRS backup data

By Pete Brown

Talk Abstract

DRS backups are essential when recovering from a disaster, but did you know they can serve as a gold mine of information for operational use? We’ll study the structure of DRS backups, learn how to gain access to their contents and discuss how backup data could be used in third party applications.

Talk Description

Intro to DRS Backups

  • Review products which generate DRS backups

Exploring Backup Set Structures

  • Discuss the backup generation process
  • Review the components of a backup
  • Learn how to work with encrypted TAR files

Programmatic Access

  • Discuss possible methods of programmatically accessing backup contents
  • Discuss how raw backup data can be turned into usable objects

Use Cases

  • Demonstrate a basic application which extracts useful records from backup sets
  • Discuss various use cases for extracted backup data


In 2013 I began developing free tools with one goal in mind - to provide UC engineers with a way to read their DRS backups. To date, no other tools exist with this functionality. I’d like to change this by imparting what I’ve learned to other developers. To inspire others to create products which allow Cisco UC customers to take full advantage of their DRS backup data.