Automating Android: Command line controls

By Quintin Balsdon

Elevator Pitch

Sometimes testing your Android application goes beyond what an integration test can do, and scripting behaviour becomes necessary. In this session I’ll take you through some example scenarios and show you how you can make the Android Debug Bridge (adb) and general purpose scripts work for you.



  • Why script?
  • What is the Android Debug Bridge adb?


  • scrcpy
  • adb
  • bash

Example use cases

  • login flow - device and app
  • toggling wifi
  • accessibility testing
  • task repetition and logging



  • Knowledge of Android application development
  • Some bash shell knowledge

# About me I have been an Android developer since 2011 and presented various academic and business presentations at international conferences. I have a passion for teaching and learning. I started out as a computer science lecturer and have been active in the developer community since 2008.