Quintin Balsdon

London, United Kingdom


Not every 6 year old gets to learn Turbo Pascal 3. Ever since I was a child I have had a fondness for technology; however the mobile revolution seems to have had the greatest impact on my life.

After I achieved my Masters in Computer Science Cum Laude, I forged a career in Android and iOS development, and try to learn more about different platforms, their strengths, weakness and best uses whenever I get the opportunity. I am always trying to make sure that my skills remain sharp and up to date.

I also have a keen passion for wearables and IoT - I’m always developing.

My Talks

As a developer, I want to improve communication, so that I can promote transparency and delivery

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Getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Lean Agile: Using Software Methodologies for Weight Loss

Making the case for automated tests

More than just a pretty face: Implementing an Android Wear OS watch face

Sleeping with one eye open: Experiences with production support

The ABC'S of Android: A quick start guide to learning Android

Wear are we with WearOS?