As a developer, I want to improve communication, so that I can promote transparency and delivery

By Quintin Balsdon

Elevator Pitch

In this session I will convey a few simple techniques in making the work that I do more transparent to the team, while fully embodying an agile approach to work. With a few minor adjustments to how you approach your board, you can ensure that there is less unnecessary communication overhead.


In this session, I will discuss the power of using tickets as a communication tool:

How to spot a quagmire

  1. What are the “ticket-smells” for which we need to look out?
  2. Refinement is not just a meeting, it’s a practice
  3. Understanding the source of the ticket

Create a to-do list

  1. Showing your progress
  2. Jira table hacks
  3. Organise the list

Failing fast

  1. The power of blocking
  2. Mention people
  3. Go beyond the board

Keep commenting

  1. Make comments at small milestones
  2. Add attachments as evidence


No technical requirements. This talk focuses on a “way of working” methodology.