Lean Agile: Using Software Methodologies for Weight Loss

By Quintin Balsdon

Elevator Pitch

Over a 2 year period, I lost 40kg (88lbs). I used an agile approach to modify and maintain my behaviours, and determine what worked for me.


I got really tired of being overweight, but it was more about feeling so unhealthy. I had no tools at hand except my experience with the projects that I did for work and my background in science. So I decided to use what I had to take a scientific and experimental approach to my health, attitude and behaviour to see if I could make effectual changes that resulted in healthier living. After two plus years of trying, I can honestly say I am in a far better position than when I started.


I am not a medical practitioner, I’m a software developer. My experience is entirely anecdotal and the specific measures I took are not the focus of this talk, but more the approach. There is no “one size fits all” solution to healthy living. The point of this talk is using a scientific approach to solve one problem for one person. My hope is that other people may benefit from the agile approach, not the specific examples.