Getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

By Quintin Balsdon

Elevator Pitch

Unlike Flutter, Cordova, React Native and Xamarin which isolate developers from platform specific components, KMM embraces that different mobile platforms have specific requirements. The aim of the session is to compare cross platform approaches and introduce KMM. It’s more than simply using Kotlin.



  • I started off as a Xamarin developer and found myself native within a year. I have developed on Ionic and Cordova and have limited experience with Flutter.
  • Why cross platform is necessary and why it’s frustrating for native developers.

Cross Platform Comparisons

  • Architecture and wrapping styles used in the most popular cross platform solutions

Cross Platform Critiscm

  • App citizenship
  • Software Development Lifecycle

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Sample code and structure discussion

Why Kotlin is a good idea

  • Strong language with growing support
  • Concise code
  • Runs on the JVM, ported to JS

Managing expectations

  • Native is always necessary
  • Need to train stakeholders to have an appetite for testing rather than pretty visuals

Current state

  • KMM is still alpha and Kotlin native doesn’t have all the libraries it needs
  • Libraries are slowly being developer


This is generally for Android developers, but any development experience will be beneficial