Robert Bravery



I’ve been in the IT and Development game since the 1980’s. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with 48K ram. I’ve developed code in more than 16 different languages and scripts. I have a passion for software development, designing and delivering the right software in time with as little defects as possible. Always sought to look at the most cutting edge of technology. From the very beginning, modifying an IBM Brother XT PC into the fastest PC around. I’ve seen tech come and go and I’ve forgotten somethings others have not yet event learnt. I am a manager and Senior Developer at IQ Business.

My Talks

Bots, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive learning

Building a CI/CD pipeline is a lot easier than you think.

Executable requirements, user acceptance testing with Fitnesse

Smart Contracts, Ethereum, crypto-currencies and maybe a bit of Bitcoin.

Top tech trends for 2020

Using AI for facial recognition to understand emotion, gender and age.