Sander Gerz

The Hague Area, Netherlands


Sander Gerz is a full-stack web developer with over 20 years experience. He believes in clean, readable, and maintainable code. Sander likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if the right tool is Visual Studio. He has written several books on C#, jQuery and Windows Server. He’s also an active member of the Dutch developer community and a volunteer teacher in coding for kids.

Sander is always looking for new ways to solve problems and believes a developer’s job is to help others achieve their potential, not just write code.

When he isn’t coding or hanging out with family, you can find Sander on his motorcycle, running a 10k or at the beach.

My Talks

Building apps for the blockchain in C#

Getting to know Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Move quickly with Azure Blockchain as a Service