Micro Frontends versus the Rhinoceros

By Peter Eijgermans

Elevator Pitch

In this interactive session Peter Eijgermans focuses on extending the concepts of microservices to the frontend world. This results in Micro Frontends. He starts with his adventure with a Rhino in Nepal. That is a monolith that you must first defeat before continuing with Micro Frontends!


In recent years, microservices have become extremely popular. Many organisations use this type of architecture to get around the limitations of large, monolithic backends. Although much has been written about this, many companies continue to struggle with ‘monolithic frontends’.

In this session, Peter Eijgermans will describe a trend that breaks down ‘front-end monoliths’ into much smaller, more manageable pieces. And how this architecture can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams. Finally, he focuses on creating a Micro Frontend application with React and Angular. Peter starts his talk with his adventure with a rhinoceros in Nepal. That’s a monolith you’ll need to defeat before moving on to Micro Frontends!

The talk provides answers to the following questions:

What is a good Micro Frontends architecture? What are the integration approaches in the frontend ? Why and when to use Micro Frontends? And finally how do we implement Micro Frontends with web components and Webpack Module Federation ? (Time for live coding!)


Why I am the best person for this talk? Because I am always keen to push the web forward with courses and talks about Frontend development. I like innovation, using new frontend frameworks and coaching people. That’s my drive to speak on conferences. And last but not least I am an experienced Angular and React developer. And I have hands-on experience with Micro Frontends.