Peter Eijgermans



Peter is an adventurous and passionate CodeSmith at Ordina Netherlands. He likes to travel around the world with his bike. Always seeking for the unexpected and unknown. For his job he tries out the latest techniques and frameworks. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences over the World and writing for the Dutch Java magazine and DZone. He believes that you as the front-end developer are the spider in the web to bring the user, the team and the product together.

My Talks

Angular and NgRx lessons Learned

Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with Vue.js or ReactJS. Here are the Differences!

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Create your own sandwich with React Hooks

Mastering Reactive State Management with NgRx: Best Practices and lessons learned

Micro Frontends Unleashed: Conquering the Rhinoceros of Monolithic Frontends

Micro Frontends versus the Rhinoceros

Microservices or Monolith

Microservices? Yes, but no spaghetti please!

React and Hooks

React vs Angular Reactive programming