Micro Frontends Unleashed: Conquering the Rhinoceros of Monolithic Frontends

By Peter Eijgermans

Elevator Pitch

Join Peter on an exhilarating journey as he shares his experience of conquering a “frontend monolith” and unlocking the secrets of Micro Frontends! With thrilling anecdotes about an adventure with a rhino, he will guide you through the process of breaking down monolithic app into manageable pieces.


Join Peter Eijgermans for an exhilarating session as he tackles the challenge of “front-end monoliths” head-on! Discover how breaking down monolithic frontends into smaller, more manageable pieces can boost team efficiency and effectiveness. Get ready for an action-packed talk that includes Peter’s thrilling adventure with a rhinoceros in Nepal, setting the stage for an epic journey into the world of Micro Frontends with React and Angular. Learn the best practices for Micro Frontends architecture, when and why to use them, and the first steps to take. And buckle up for some live coding as Peter demonstrates how to implement Micro Frontends with web components and Webpack Module Federation. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to level up your frontend architecture game!


Why Choose Me as Your Speaker? I am your top choice for this talk because I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of web development, with a track record of delivering impactful courses and talks on frontend development. I thrive on innovation and love exploring new frontend frameworks, while also coaching and inspiring others in the field. With my extensive experience as an Angular, React developer, and my expertise in Micro Frontends, I bring a unique blend of technical knowledge and dynamic presentation skills to engage and captivate audiences at conferences. Plus, as an actor, I know how to deliver a compelling and memorable talk that will leave a lasting impression. Trust me to deliver an exciting and informative session that will inspire and empower your audience to level up their frontend development game!